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Quilt and Fiber Artist

Sally started sewing at an early age under the tutelage of her mother, grandmother and great-grandmother who were avid handiwork enthusiasts. Throughout school she was heavily involved in the New York State 4-H Program and won many awards for her sewing at county and state fairs. Her work runs the gamut from home decoration, tailoring, sewing for hire to sewing costumes for an amateur choral group in Kuwait. She used to tell people that she'd take up quilting when she retired, and that became reality when she and her husband moved from Cairo, Egypt to Kuwait City, Kuwait in 2001. Quilting was a natural extension of her sewing skills. She prefers quilting to garment making these days and loves embellishing, figuring out how to make something 3D, and how to make something unique.

"Light touches the world and immediately brings it to life. It shapes and forms everything in its path." This is what inspires Kathy most in painting. Trying to capture that light, whether intense or subtle, is the driving force behind her love of creating art.


Her paintings are representational and she enjoys painting in watercolor, acrylic and oils. Kathy loves the contrast of working with each medium—the smooth flow of the watercolor brush on paper—the impulsive dabs of solid color of acrylic or oil on canvas. These days Kathy is focusing on her watercolors primarily and has begun teaching classes and workshops on Watercolor Techniques.



Bonnie learned watercolor painting by apprenticing to more accomplished artist friends, and by taking classes at the Rochester Memorial Art Gallery's Creative Workshop from Dick Kane, Jeanne Lindsay, and Fred Lipp, and from nationally know teachers such as Don Andrews, Frank Webb, Judy Wagner, Tony VanHasselt, Bill Vrsack, Pat Weaver, Margaret Martin, Elizabeth Apgar Smith, and Ed Steinhilper. 

She has painted commissions for The Owens Wildlife Foundation, has provided the logo and art for the Finger Lakes Chamber Music Festival, and her paintings of sailboats on Keuka Lake grace the suites at the Best Western Vineyard Suites in Penn Yan.

joan belles.jpg


Basket Weaving

Originally from Rochester, Joan has a BS degree in Business from the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut. She and her husband owned a  construction company in the Rochester area for about 30 years during which time she raised four children and managed enough time to try many creative art endeavors. About 20 years ago Joan found her niche. After taking beginning basket weaving classes at the Rochester Museum & Science Center she was literally hooked. After retiring, she and her husband moved to their present location on  Seneca Lake and built a studio above the boat house named The Waterfront Weavery. Joan has both taught classes in basket weaving and taken many classes. She loves the challenge of weaving a variety of materials into both functional and decorative items.

ceramics with Faith 2.jpg


Faith Benedict is a potter and teacher, operating the Fire Works Pottery studio in Penn Yan, NY. Her journey in art and in pottery began in the 1970s, when she was first introduced to the fields. Over the years, Faith has worked as a potter, a public school art teacher, and a college ceramics professor. Today, Faith has returned to life as a potter, continuing to create, exhibit, and sell her pottery.

Her focus as a potter is to make wheel-thrown functional stoneware. Rooted in tradition, her work often exhibits a contemporary playfulness in form and decoration. She aims to make pottery which is functional, practical, and pleasant to live with.




Born and raised in Philipsburg, PA, Connie has also lived in California, Nevada and New York. She studied at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA, majoring in Painting and Design. She has also studied with noted artists Irving Shapiro, Milford Zornes and Stephen Quiller among numerous others who have contributed greatly to her growth as a painter. Her work has been represented in national and international juried exhibitions, earning her signature membership in The North East Watercolor Society, the Central New York Watercolor Society and the Pennsylvania Watercolor Society. She has garnered dozens of awards. Her passion for watercolor is due in great  part to its immediacy and luminous effects. Connie is living in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania where she maintains a studio.




Fran's paintings are done in an impressionistic style in both in oil and watercolor. Applying oil paint using a palette knife allows for a free and impressionistic feel as color is laid next to color and mixed on the surface. Painting in watercolor presents many challenges, but also many wonderful surprises as experimentation and exploration proceed in the process of creating a watercolor painting. Fran limits her pallet, choosing sometimes only four colors that will create the feeling or visual effect desired. Through the mixing of these limited colors, a wide range of hues can be achieved. This creates unity and harmony in the painting. A love of nature inspires her to create paintings of flowers, plants and other hidden treasures in nature whether painting on location or back in her studio from photographs that she has taken.




Light has always intrigued Virginia, and she paints this light in her paintings, which makes them sparkle with life, intrigue and mystery. She considers her watercolor paintings to be 'Fantasy Illusionism. A self-taught watercolor artists, Virginia is best known for her breathtaking sunrises and sunsets. "I paint without drawing. First, I thoroughly wet my paper, then I paint washes of color finishing with dry brush, deliberately omitting some detail to let the viewer's imagination soar."She earned  her Bachelor of Science from the State University College at Potsdam, New York, where she received the prestigious William F. Anderson Art Award.  After graduation she taught art in the Fairport, New York school district and also taught watercolor privately. She then pursued a full time career in watercolor painting.




Sandy began her painting journey after moving to the Finger Lakes. Oil and pastel are the mediums she uses to create her paintings. She loves to paint anything in nature. Landscapes, sunsets, and animals are her favorite subjects. Sandy also enjoys painting still life. She's been inspired to paint sights across the U.S., Europe and of course, the Finger Lakes. When she paints, Sandy travels to quiet places, wonderful memories, and to the joy of creating.


Sandy learned oil and pastel painting by taking classes from accomplished artists and teachers such as Dick Kane, Barbara Doyle, Patricia Tribastone, Pat Rini Rohrer, Lyn Asselta, and Elizabeth Apgar-Smith. 

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Kim never studied ceramics in college but instead learned by taking adult education at the Worcester Center for Crafts.


She has been making pots since the eighties and only recently found time to sell them. Hand building her preferred method of making because she enjoys putting pieces together to make a form that is NOT round. It is like putting a puzzle together, Kim says. Once she designs a piece she is happy with, she save the pattern developed so that she can repeat the process. She often adds surface design using stencils, stamps or some found texture. The resulting pots are either for food, flowers or fun.




Returning to Keuka Lake – the scene of many “coming of age” experiences – reignited Daryl's desire to create. While she had minored in studio art in college, receiving a masters to teach art, she’d never jumped in with both feet. But that yearning, sublimated by over 40 years raising a family, working in product and business management is back. Studying and working with such a talented and dedicated community is a joy. 

Currently Daryl's medium of choice is watercolor.She finds that it’s potential and nuances challenge her. While at some stage she hopes/plans to move to new media she finds the appeal of watercolor continues to entice. 

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Abstract Painting

Current work is created in an abstract format through the freedom and play of mark making.  After about 20 steps of mark making, mostly with a limited palette, the piece is left to rest and decide what it will become (later).  When the piece is revisited by me, after some time and distance, I can look at it with a fresh perspective.  I do this on purpose so that I am not trying to create and paint at the same time as that introduces judgment and criticism into the process.  Instead, after I have made the marks and let it rest, I can see what it has to offer for me to tweak and obtain a pleasing result.  


Exploring Abstract art has been the most relaxing and an exciting creative outlet since my retirement several years ago.  I have always been attracted to Architecture and old buildings.  Form and composition are what attracts me.  I decided to paint Abstracts but had no idea how to begin!  Only after studying and working with other abstract artists and changing to Acrylic paint did I find my niche. 

Deneka, Ginny.jpg



Ginny enjoys painting in oils, but also does and occasional watercolor. She prefers still life but also loves painting en plein air landscapes. Just playing around with color and shapes is rewarding.

In the 60's Ginny returned to college to become an art teacher and used her training with her children and in life in general. In the 80's she became intrigued with computers and graphic design, taking classes in those fields as well. She volunteered in graphic design at the Corning library before going back to school to get her divinity degree. She was ordained in 1997.

Art has been a constant source of pleasure in my life.



Painting and Ceramics

Art is Marsha's life-long passion. As a professional artist, she has over twenty-five years of experience in graphic design, as well as a lifetime of personal artistic endeavors. Her artwork has been in amateur and professional shows from New York to Arizona. You can also find her teaching art classes for children and adults. A professional educator, Marsha's experience embraces K-12 Art Education and technology integration. She has taught at the higher education level, both on-ground and online, in IS&T, website design, marketing, and graphic design. As an entrepreneur she owns and operate MT Attic, an antiques and collectible business, and conducts genealogical research for herself and others. She finds the combination of art, technology, and education invigorating and engaging.

Kevin is largely self-taught, taking classes and workshops from local and nationally know artist. He has been honing his skills over the years studying, drawing and painting. He paints outside en plein air and from life in figure painting sessions.

Kevin shows his work extensively and has won many awards. The Arts Center is fortunate to have him as an instructor for summer workshops.




Caryl has always loved to draw. She was the kid who spent every extra moment in high school in the art room. Caryl went to Moore College of Art in Philadelphia and worked as a layout artist at Filene’s in Boston, the Hecht Co. in Washington D.C. and LIT Brothers in Philadelphia. Once married, she went back to school to become certified to teach art and had a very short career as an elementary art teacher in Corning. Her husband was transferred to Greenville, Ohio where she was a founding member of the Darke County Art Association where she worked with water colors, pen and ink and silk screening. When raising her family her artwork faded into the background and it wasn’t until she moved to Keuka Lake and became involved in the Arts Center that she rekindled her love for all things art related.  




Mary Freida has been involved in the arts for over 30 years. By profession she is a Registered Nurse but early on in her nursing career she knew that she loved the arts. In 1989, Mary and two friends created a business called Swamp Reed Basketry and created artistic basketries participating in many art festivals throughout the Finger Lakes. Soon after, Mary became active in the Gallery on Main Street, Canandaigua NY. The Gallery was an artist co-op that offered an opportunity to sell artwork. As time passed Mary found a new passion, oil painting. She has been studying under local artist Pat Rini Rhorer for over 13 years. Throughout this time she has taken classes with various regional artists. She continues to grow her love of the arts as a studio and plein air painter.



Jennifer is an artist and illustrator based in the Finger Lakes region of New York. She works in a variety of media but primarily pencil, gouache, oil and digital media.

Jennifer is currently working on children's book illustration. She enjoys plein air painting and portrait painting from life.

lana grauer at work.jpg



Lana grew up in upstate New York and attended Syracuse University, attracted by the art school but ending up a biology major. After getting her doctorate in biochemistry, followed by a career in San Diego, she returned to her first love—painting.

Now she spends summers painting the lakes, marshes, vineyards and farmhouses of the Finger Lakes. As an avid sailor Lana paints sailboats, trying to capture the thrill of small boat racing in her paintings.

In the winter she returns to San Deigo to paint the canyons, beaches and deserts. She feels it is a real joy to be able to paint en plein air all year round.

Eric has lived in the Finger Lakes region since graduating from Cornell University. After retiring he decided to pursue the interest in art that he'd had in Junior High. 

Eric paints in watercolor and acrylics. Along with painting on his own he has studied with several artists in the region.

Eric enjoys painting landscapes of the area as well as places he has traveled. He seems to be most drawn to nautical subjects due to a life long attraction to water, sailing and scuba diving.

Havill, Barbara&Eric.jpg


Barbara and Eric of Havill Pottery have been full-time production potters in the Finger Lakes for 38 years, working in both porcelain and stoneware, fired to 2300 degrees. The range of their work includes lamps, vases, bowls, platters, many shapes of ovenproof baking dishes, as well as full dinner sets. Each piece is decorated with brushwork depicting abstract and representational motifs including flowers, birds and other animals, and sailing scenes.



Postage Stamp Art/Paper Arts

Although postage stamp art doesn't fit into given categories all that well, Repurposed Art, Recycled Art, Paper, Fiber and Other are categories it's landed in on most occasions. Unique might be close.

Old and not so old, canceled postage stamps from around the world are Leah's medium. Once she has soaked them from the envelope remnants and dried them flat, with color, design, style, shape and size all taken into consideration, stamps are trimmed and clipped. The tiny pieces are then fit together into new pieces of art.

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