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An oil and acrylic artist, Barbara paints en plein air all year round and anywhere she travels—to the seashore, mountains, national parks or Europe. She captures vivid color and light while painting contemporary life in her landscapes.

After a sabbatical from art, Barbara resumed painting in 1996, studying with acclaimed artists. She shows her work extensively and wins many awards. Barbara lives in the Rochester, NY area.

In her paintings, Ileen tries to capture everything about a moment in time: the light, the feeling, the sense of space, the action, the stillness. In all of her paintings she tries to connect with the subject so that by the time she is finished she feels like she has inhabited the scene and hopes the viewer does too.

When Ileen paints and observes the world around her she is made aware of the existence of layers. Nothing is opaque. Everything appears to be composed of layers of shifting colors, light, and shapes all superimposed upon each other. This astonishes and inspires her. She opten paints over colored grounds or older paintins and is excited by the ghost images that peek through.

Nancy makes hand-crafted blank books and journals as well as hand-marbled papers.


Books can be sources of amusement, holders of the past, treasuries of ideas. She make books for enjoyment and loves working with a variety of papers and materials to create something that will speak to the user and invite them to write down their hopes, fears, dreams and aspirations.

Every book is unique. Nancy never combines the same papers and cloth or makes all her books the same size. Each choice is dictated by mood, the time of year or even a song she has heard.

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Howard is a graduate of the Institute of Design, Chicago and later worked in Cleveland and Chicago. He moved to Rochester, NY in 1978 to teach advertising photography at RIT, later teaching color, digital imaging, advertising and business courses. He is now Professor Emeritus. Howard was the food photographer for Wegmans for nine years as well.

Aside from continuing his personal photography, Howard donates his photographic services to not-for-profit organizations in the region.

Janis, a native of Ontario, Canada is a self-taught jewelry artist, creating the ultimate in hand fabricated jewelry.

Energized by a distinct balance of texture and color, her designs offer her clients an individualized sense of artistic expression. Janis incorporates sterling silver, semi-precious gemstones, found objects, mixed metals and polymer clay to create a variety of both classic and fun pieces that truly resonated with the creative spirit.



Mixed Media

Maureen has been involved in all many types of artistry. She loves to work in oil, acrylic, mixed media, fiber and now... encaustics.

Through expressive strokes with her brush or cleverly altering fabric and colors mixed many time over, she likes to relay that emotional quality to complete an exciting piece of art.


She feels she is on a journey of learning new techniques and sharing what she enjoys doing most.

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Oil Painting / Ink & Watercolor


Patti Miskell is a native of Upstate New York and resides in the countryside outside of Canandaigua, NY. Her travels through Europe and the Americas gave her an appreciation for the majesty of Mother Nature, a consistent theme in her work.


Patti has participated in many local and national juried exhibitions. She is currently focused on oil painting and ink/watercolor line drawings. 

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Kathy taught language arts for 33 year and after retiring was determined to enter the art field, delving in to 2D art.

Choosing one medium has been difficult, since oil, watercolor and pastel all pique her interest. She obtains great satisfaction when someone enjoys something she has created.

For a rich quality of life Kathy believes it is essential to have passion for one's work and to continue to learn.

Bobbi has her postgraduate studies in silver-smith and painting.  Although she has experience in various mediums, she work mainly in colored pencil, watercolor, and paper collage. The colored pencil renderings on dark backgrounds are shaded with the grisaille technique to impart a shimmering, luminous quality while those done on light backgrounds have various types of paper as their foundation to create either soft or intense color effects. The collages are constructed with up to 15 layers of various papers that are then shaded with colored pencils or watercolors to enhance the dimensional quality of the work.




Helga's passion for painting began in her early 20's. After a 30 year hiatus raising children and maintaining a successful career, she is back at it with a passion for painting with watercolor.

Helga retired to the Penn Yan area and has been inspired by the incredible beauty of the Finger Lakes region. she enjoys painting landscapes, flowers and animals, including pets.

She says that painting is one of her life's special pleasures and she strives to portray this feeling in all of her art.

Amanda Preske has been creating by hand for as long as she can remember. As a teenager, she taught herself how to bead weave and slowly branched out into other forms of jewelry making, including resin casting and metal-smithing. Upon seeing the circuit boards from a broken computer, she became transfixed by the beauty and complexity found on a circuit board. This small venture into circuit board jewelry, which started in 2007, has since blossomed into a full time business. 

With a PhD in chemistry and a love for all things STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math), the lab is where she used to synthesize nanocrystals, and is now a busy jewelry studio.

Flowers and gardening have been central to Nancy's life. She taught biology at Ithaca High School for 32 years and always incorporated those interests into her classroom.

Initially, Nancy took digital photos and adjusted them in Photoshop to achieve abstract montages. The montages were primarily of the beautiful lotus flower, but that expanded to include flowers from various gardens, bridges and cement sculptures.

Current interests are macro flower photography, bird photography, zoo animal and raptor photography, and more.

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Daniel is known for his powerful portraiture.


He was a feature artist at the Arts Center's Flick Gallery in 2018. Daniel shows his work throughout the region and has had many solo shows. 

Daniel's passion for art allowed him a fulfilling career as an arts educator. Teaching painting, drawing, art history and various design courses in a high school setting first, he later taught in a university setting. 


He is also now an instructor with the Arts Center.

Monica focuses on wheel-thrown pots, while her husband, Ray, prefers to make platters and bowls using slabs.


Sommerville pottery is fired in an electric kiln to Cone 6 (approximately 2200 degrees) and glazed is a variety of glazes including blue, brown, red, black and purple. Monica and Ray make pottery that is accessible and functional – their inventory includes more than 120 items including bowls, plates, brie bakers, vases, mugs, toothbrush holders, platter and mixing bowls. Rather than focusing on contemporary artistic pottery, Monica and Ray strive to make traditional straightforward work that is well made, durable and functional.




Judy grew up on a farm and her love for the rural scene is easily seen in her paintings. She works in both oil and watercolor and also loves to draw, her sketchbook her constant companion.

Judy lives in the Rochester area and shows in  galleries in New York and Florida. She loves to travel. Although she enjoys painting on her travels she always comes back to the Finger Lakes region to paint her barn scenes.

Judy teaches classes and workshops and is one of the Arts Center talented instructors.





14 Dresser Road, Spencerport, New York 14559
585-352-9629, landline or 585-520-0589 Cell


Karlene lives on a tree farm in upstate NY woods, which inspire her representational landscapes, painted in pastel, watercolor, oil or acrylic. She wants her paintings to motivate a deeper appreciation of the natural world. Her goal is to use her connection to woodlands to inspire others to seek out adventure and take a closer look at nature.

Always interested in art, architecture and gardens, she earned her graphic design degree, followed by working in commercial art. While honing her skills with art classes she is employed by day as a substitute teacher. She also teaches classes for children, adults and art groups in the region.




Painting is Phiddy's passion. She is a collage artist who creates her own papers. After five years of trying different mediums she discovered painting with papers to be the most fun—and she loves the results.

Phiddy and her husband live on a lake in South Carolina for eight months of the year and in the Finger Lakes region for the other four, which works perfectly for them.



Printmaking and Painting

After discovering the designs and philosophy for the Arts and Crafts movement, Laura embraced it and was inspired to learn printmaking. She is now a Master Artisan in the Roycroft Renaissance. Her vintage style block prints involve separate hand-carving and printings of each color of the print which is done on an antique hand-cranked letterpress.


An award-winning artist, Laura has written blogs about her process. She shows and sells her work nationally.


As an aside, she is a distant cousin of Laura Ingalls Wilder.

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