Juried Artists for the 2021 Juried Show

We are very excited to share the list of the

2021 Juried Show Artists.

Congratulations to 

Linda Ludwig for Inlet (first), Kevin Feary for Towering Sycamore (second), Victoria Brzustowic for Up A Creek (third) with Steven BonDurant and Joni Monroe receiving honorable mentions for Sugar Bush and Muck Farm.  


Friday the 27th was the Awards Reception for the 2021 Arts Center of Yates County’s National Juried Show.

Pictured with the judge of show, Lanna Pejovic, and co-chairs, Lana Grauer & Fran Bliek who were four of the five award winners.

Pictured are First Place: Linda Ludwig, Second Place: Kevin Feary, Third Place: Victoria Brzustowicz, Honorable Mention: Steve BonDurant; missing from photo is Honorable Mention recipient, Joni Monroe.

Sadie Allen   
Kathy Armstrong    
Teresa Barlis    
Deborah Bilinski    
Fran Bliek  
Steve BonDurant* 
Virginia Braun    
Victoria Brzustowicz*    
Marion Cassie   
Kathleen Connor 
Sandy Cook
Daryl Davis
Kevin Feary*
Mary Freida 
Lana Grauer
Philip Harris
Barbara Jablonski
Dick Kane
Anne Lahr
Kathy Lindsley
Gabriele Lodder
Linda Ludwig*
Phyllis Maciag
Laurie Maddalina
Kristin Malone
Stacy  Mayou 
Robin McCondichie
Patti Miskell 
Joni Monroe*
Rosa Montante 
Regina Morse 

Andrea Nadel
Denise Rizzo
Ed Steinhilper
Jean Stephens 
Sally Stormon
Patricia Tribastone 
Gregory Trombly
Shelley Turner
Karlene VanDeusen
Phiddy Webb  

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