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TRY IT TUESDAY _ May 19, 2020

Former Perspectives newsletter editor Nicole Landers and her husband have been sheltering in place in their new house in a tiny English village near the Malvern Hill district in Worcestershire.  For the first time in history, British pubs – the hub of social life – have been closed to limit the spread of the coronavirus.  Nicole reports that their travel is restricted but most of the village shops (and a nearby craft brewery) deliver the necessities right to their doorstep.  Village residents have come up with a variety of online activities to stay connected and pass the time.  One of Nicole’s favorites has been an on-going photo contest – the organizer sends a weekly challenge, participants send their pictures to him and he distributes them to everyone for a group vote.  So far, they’ve done “shapes and shadows”, “tools”, “zippers” and “caption this.”  Nicole came in second with this photo, captioned “Harold was consumed by his garden.”  This week’s challenge is snapping a picture illustrating a song title and Nicole’s husband Andrew is apparently planning to feature one or both their Labrador Retrievers in a “how much is that doggie in the window” shot.

As Nicole pointed out, there are endless possibilities for this activity – for instance, inviting caption ideas for your favorite picture, like this one of Cara (taken by 2017 Arts Center artist in residence Nancy Kieffer) which Kris would caption: “Mom is considering changing my name to “Kilroy.”  (Points if you’re old enough to get that reference!).  Why not give it a try?

On another positive note - if all goes well with the region’s phase one reopening, the Arts Center hopes to have the Flick Gallery open for business by the beginning of June!  It will take a while longer to gear up for workshops and other activities – but our dedicated volunteers are working diligently to ensure we’ll be able to hit the ground running (and safely) when that time comes.  Check out the workshops on our website, , and our Facebook page for further updates.  Hope to see you all soon!

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