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TRY IT TUESDAY - April 21, 2020

“Beauty,” it’s said, “is in the eye of the beholder.”  That truism is one of the things that makes art such an individual activity – everyone experiences it differently.  So art is a great activity to practice on your own.  But, at the same time, art is meant to be shared – the fact that everyone experiences a piece of art differently can lead to some fun and exciting exchanges of ideas, opinions and experiences.  Sharing art is a catalyst for communication and a dynamic group experience.

Painter Cherry Rahn, has been busily creating at her home in Geneva while obediently staying close to home and relatively isolated.  But she’s come up with a fun and unique way to share her art:

My new thing is a front door “gallery.”  I’m hoping to give the walkers who walk up the hill past our house, and especially our mailman, a little surprise and hopefully a smile.

Cherry’s work was set to be featured at the Arts Center’s Flick Gallery this month – a show that fell victim to the coronavirus pandemic.  She’s been working on a series that abstracts images she sees in nature – mainly rocks under water.   Her work has been popular at the Arts Center and we’re looking forward to featuring her work at a future date.

How are you sharing your art?  Let us know!

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