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TRY IT THURSDAY - June 18, 2020

The art of origami has always fascinated Arts Center Executive Director Kris Pearson but she was perpetually flummoxed by the directions and illustrations in every origami book or kit she ever saw.  Then, several years ago, she was introduced to master origami folders Michael LaFosse and Richard Alexander who assured her “even you” can fold origami.  Michael and Richard, who created Origamido Studio, are internationally recognized origami artists whose work has been displayed in museums around the country and the world.   They’re familiar to many Yates County students for the programs they’ve done in local schools over the last decade (thanks to some generous grants from the Nord Family Foundation).  Michael and Richard came up with the idea of “Storygami” – stories that help you remember a sequence of folds – and using dvds to allow people to watch and fold along with them rather than depending on confusing illustrations. 

Kris’ favorite Storygami folding project is Freddie the AstroFrog.  You can learn how to fold Freddie by clicking this link: .  Kris likes to challenge children who come into the Arts Center to make Freddie jump into a bowl or dish.  You can find Michael and Richard’s original designs in their book and dvd packs, explaining how to fold everything from paper airplanes to paper jewelry.  Check out Origamido Studio’s YouTube channel for other projects – it’s art that only requires a square of paper (non-stick “post it” style notes are perfect), a couple minutes and some imagination.  It’s an art – and a science – and is something people of any age can do!  Give it a try!

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