TRY IT THURSDAY -What an idea!

Updated: May 5, 2020

And now for something completely different…

No, not binge-watching Monty Python (although that’s not a bad use of time – in moderation).

Art for art’s sake is certainly a fun diversion, but there’s no rule that says art can’t be practical or that functional items can’t be artistic.  And art can be created with that purpose in mind – most of us have made something creative as a gift, although we may have to think back to our youth when we regularly produced cards, drawings, pinchpot ashtrays and other handmade items highly prized by their recipients.

Today, potter Kim Cutler changes mediums from clay to cloth with her suggestion for a creative project that also makes a great gift: appliqued towels.  Kim made this project as a baby gift, but has also done similar projects with beach towels as gifts for adults. 

Kim is one of the Arts Center’s most popular potters and she’s scheduled to teach a workshop at the Boathouse Pottery at Sunny Point this summer.  For those familiar with her work, it’s not the first time she’s demonstrated her abilities in other artistic areas – one of the prized components of the ceramic brie bakers she creates is the booklet of baked brie recipes included and the creative vases she produces hint at a love of plants and flowers.  See more of Kim’s work on her website or at the Arts Center once the Flick Gallery reopens or register for her surface decoration workshop on our website, .

It’s never to early to start creating gifts for those you love.  Why not give it a try?!

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