Ileen Kaplan
  • Ileen Kaplan


    Lilac Bouquet

    Ileen Kaplan

    Image Dimensions:  Height:  8" x Width:  8"

    Unframed, ready to hang


    If you are like me, for the past months you have been waking up with an anxious feeling: What will the news bring today? Will my loved ones or myself get sick? When will I  be able to go back to work? And on and on..
    As a way to take my mind off of all of this, I committed to a 30 day
    flower painting challenge-  20 flowers painted from life in 30 days.
    While I had hoped that it would help me to feel better, I did not
    realize what a profound change it would make in my viewpoint.

     I was fortunate to have a neighbor with a beautiful flower garden who let me take as many flowers into my studio to paint as I needed. I spent the days observing, admiring,and falling in love with the flowers. I began to see them as gorgeous beings that I returned to day after day and got to know intimately. Each had a personality, and as I set them up in front of the window, or as I lit them from the side, I felt such appreciation, both for them as part of nature and for my own life.

    Of course I still worry, and I still have anxious fears. But I also
    have a place inside that knows everything will be all right. And my
    flowers are a symbol that optimism.

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