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The problem is that some are in the Global path and this cause the license to be invalid, Matlab then prompt a temporary license Invalid license You do not have the correct license type for this release. The correct type for your license type is “basic”. You can install the correct license type from or download a trial version of the correct license type from but then the license check shows that the license is invalid and ask for the temporary license: This license is valid only for the current release, not for any previous release. The current release is 2015b. The next release will be 2016b. So how can I resolve the problem? A: Update: As user555744 pointed out, this answer is outdated. The only way to prevent a license from expiring is to keep renewing it. The standard license type for MATLAB is basic. Basic licenses are valid for the current release only. To get a valid temporary license, you need to download a trial version of the current release from Make sure to only download the version that matches your operating system (Win/Mac/Linux). It might also be possible to renew your basic license, in which case your trial version will automatically expire. UPDATE: This answer is from 2010 and might be out of date. The only way to prevent a license from expiring is to keep renewing it. The problem was that I've not renew the license until the licence was invalid. I had to update the local license file. In order to do this I've downloaded a trial version of the current release and unzipped. The license file was inside the ZIP file. Then just re-ran matlab, the license check showed the correct one and I was able to use Matlab normally. Pterostylis maculata Pterostylis maculata, commonly known as the sickle greenhood or greenhood greenhood, is a plant in the orchid family Orchidaceae and is endemic to the south-west of Western Australia. It has a rosette of leaves and up to ten dark green



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