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Sphynx cat clothes


There has always been a debate about whether cats can dress, so can cats wear clothes?

In fact, you can wear clothes, one is clean, two is beautiful. Some Sphynx cats wear clothes to protect from the sun and prevent germs from invading.


You need to keep hairless cats warm in winter, and do not wear clothes if the temperature is appropriate. If you have no heating in your home, wear it.


Pets are becoming more popular. So how to choose your pet clothes?


We need to choose loose clothes for the master, not to bind their freedom, according to personal preference or the master. You can choose novel styles, such as Hanfu, uniform, Hanfu and other types of fire in recent years, novel and unique, PO photo post circle of friends, will be able to attract countless eyes, to choose a soft and skin-friendly comfortable fabric, so that the pet to wear comfortable.


4 Tips for Picking Cat Clothes


1. Material. Pay attention to the fabric of cat clothes, to choose pure cotton, pure hair such as natural fabrics, do not wear chemical fiber fabrics. Chemical fiber class is easy to cause static electricity, for a long time will also cause the cat's skin disease, contact with the cat's body side must choose blowing face.


2. Price. Although the sparrow is small with all the five internal organs, if it is very cheap clothes, it may be produced by the clothing factory corner waste, the material is generally not too good, easy to infect skin diseases.


3. Widgets. Button, zipper head and these small parts should be checked frequently to avoid being eaten by the cat. Now many cat clothes are made of elastic belt, can save a lot of worry.

Loose. The cat's patience is limited, and will not express, if wearing too tight, not only is not conducive to breathable, but also easy to cause skin itching or allergy, when choosing clothes, rather wide than tight.


I have always believed that cats, like humans, have the old, the sick and the disabled, since a loving dog should be responsible, and accompany the cat through a happy and happy life process.


Draw key points! You should give the pet moderate clothes, respect the pet emotion.


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